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940 Garrison Ave, Bronx, NY 10474, USA

Great news! We have re-located to The Point at 940 Garrison Avenue, Bronx Ny 10474

children and teens!

The Dance Studio has been teaching children and teens  to dance since it opened in 2000, serving hundreds of children over the years.

Our creative reward system is another factor that sets Dancers Dreamzzz apart from the rest. We ask the students to bring in their report cards so that the child with the highest English or Math grades get acknowledgement awards at our annual "White Gala" award ceremony. Achievement awards are granted to studnets who show the most improvement in their dance class within a years span.

We give beginners to advance students an opportunity to perform by showcasing all of our groups.

We are currently offering classes in Mambo/Salsa on2, Partner-work, Hip Hop, Step, Tap, Jazz and Ballet.

 Our ten month program (September-June) consists of children and teens introduction to the concept of basic movements/steps, awareness of music and rhythm, coordination, corrective posture and flexibility as well as allows the children to develop self-discipline and leadership.

Our year ends with our annual recital where you will have the privilege of seeing your child perform the routine(s) the were taught in the ten (10) month program.

In addition students look forward to performing at various venues like Great Adventure Dance Festival, The National Fifth Ave Puerto Rican Day Parade, Walt Disney World, Salsa Festivals/Congresses and a chance to travel performing through-out the Tri-State area, the United States and abroad.

Studio Director Debbie Melendez 

Debbie has been involved in the dance community for over twenty-five years. She advanced from behind the scenes as a dance mom to assistant director of her brother's dance studio.

And eventually she established her own outlet for children and teens to demonstrate their talents through dance with the opening of Dancers Dreamzzz, a studio serving the Bronx community.

Debbie continues involvement within the community has not gone overlooked; She has been honorably awarded  with the New York State Assembly Citation. As well as a certificate of appreciation from the White House Communication Agency.

Inspired by her passion for collaborating and serving her community, she founded the Youth Dance Festival in 2006. A festival celebrating all styles of dance in hope of bringing children and teens together, dedicated to her late brother David Melendez.

Through dance The Melendez Family Legacy lives on.

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